About us

Welcome to TheRaveFather!

Our story began at EDM and hardstyle events around the world, where I became known as TheRaveFather. A nickname given by a close friend at Ultra Europe in Split in 2022 was the start of an exciting journey.

With my unique style and always wearing unique sunglasses, I became known as "the boy with the cool sunglasses". But I wasn't just that; i was also the boy with the funny laugh, the well-trained one, and one who was always noticed. It was not just an accessory, it was part of my personality and my image as the joy-spreader at every event. I loved seeing people smile and spread joy around me.

As more and more people started to know me as TheRaveFather, the idea of ​​starting my own store was born. I wanted to share my passion for raves and hardstyle with others, and what better way to do that than through my own RaveFather accessories.

My goal with TheRaveFather store is simple: to spread the joy of raves and hardstyle to the world. By offering unique and stylish accessories, I hope to inspire others to embrace this amazing culture and build a strong and united rave community.

Together we can create unforgettable experiences and celebrate our passion for music, dance and community. Join us on the journey and let the freedom of the festival lead the way!

Thank you for being part of TheRaveFather family.

Join TheRaveFather on a journey from Ultra Europe to the world of EDM. Discover the story behind the legend. Start your rave adventure now.