Rave Journey: From International Festival Favorites to Local Hardstyle Thrill

Part 1: Rebirth Festival in the Netherlands

Context: I, RaveFather , recently attended the Rebirth festival in the Netherlands and it was truly an experience to remember. With three days of continuous raving, we stayed at a camp that was amazing and met many nice people from all over the world, including California, Israel, Australia, Sweden, Denmark and more. The festival had five big stages and I got to see my good friend DJ Serzo play on the main stage. It was amazing to see him take the hardstyle scene by storm. Later I saw another good friend, DJ Svane , play, and I also spent time with some of the Hardstyle DNA gang, who are really great people! I noticed that Rebirth had several local Dutch people who were really "ravers" and everyone was very nice. I myself walked/raved around with my RaveFather glasses , and many people commented on how cool they were and that they liked my outfit. I was even interviewed twice, although I don't know where those interviews ended up. All in all, the weekend was a solid 10 out of 10 experience.

RaveFather Rebirth festival 2024 with RaveFather glasses at mainstage Hardstyle, festival season, rave edm

Part 2: Hard Dimension Prototype in Kristiansand

Hard Dimension had its first event, Prototype, in Kristiansand on 6 April. The event started with an explosion of energy when Jay Cult entered the stage and made the whole hall explode with his bangs on bangs. Then came Ramquz , a hidden talent from Rogaland, who delivered many good songs and drew even more people to the hall. A highlight was when the trio Obscure , Unex and Ramquz stood on stage and delivered fantastic songs. Then it was time for the first headliner from the Netherlands, Rvage , who played many of his famous songs as well as new material. The hall was packed, and everyone raved to the sound of his beats. Unex , a hidden diamond in the hardstyle scene, then delivered unique sounds and impressive kicks that had the crowd going wild. Then it was time for the second headliner, Vasto from the Netherlands, who brought an incredible amount of energy to the hall. Finally, Meloslave ended the night with their hardcore and uptempo music, which really got the roof going with lots of energy. From Rawphoric to Rawstyle, Xtraraw, hardcore and uptempo, it was a musical journey that made people tear up!

In addition to this, Hard Dimension is hungry for success and is already planning several exciting events in the future. We look forward to bringing more unique and memorable events to our wonderful audience!

Prototype - The Rise Of The Machines Kristiansand

Concert photographer Lisa Mari Bynes

Part 3: Hardstyle DNA Outdoor at Sandvika (Right next to Oslo)

Next weekend, on the 3rd and 4th of May, Scandinavia's biggest outdoor hardstyle festival, Hardstyle DNA Outdoor , will break loose, right by Oslo. This will be Norway's best outdoor festival for the year, with two large stages, over 80 tonnes of scaffolding, 3 meters of decor and over 100 square meters of LED screens. You can experience world-renowned hardstyle DJs, as well as local talent. Omar and his team are working hard to make this a success and it will no doubt go down in the history books. The hardstyle community is growing in Norway, and I as RaveFather am more than willing to help where I can, because I see that people really love this and that the hardstyle parties are here to stay.

HardStyle DNA Outdoor Festival 2024 Line up

HardStyle DNA Outdoor Festival 2024 Line up

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