Experiences bring joy - TheRaveFather amplifies it!

Blog post: Experiences bring instant happiness - RaveFather takes it to new heights on the dance floor!

Recently, research has clearly pointed to a thought-provoking trend: people who choose to invest in experiences instead of material things experience increased happiness. A recent study underscores this connection, revealing that our experiential purchases not only give us greater pleasure in the form of anticipation and memories, but also give us greater immediate pleasure.

Investing in experiences, such as rave parties, concerts and other vibrant activities, has proven to be a reliable path to instant happiness. The study revealed that the joy associated with our experiential purchases is not only limited to the anticipation before the event or the memories afterward, but also gives us greater joy in the moment itself.

This brings us to exciting opportunities to make our rave experiences even more memorable. A key component to elevating the experience to new heights is investing in RaveFather glasses. Whether it's an intense night on the dance floor, a unique festival experience or a spontaneous outing, these glasses can really make a difference.

The RaveFather glasses not only protect your eyes from blinding light, but also add an extra dimension of fun and excitement. With bright colors and futuristic design, they enhance the experience and give you a unique way to experience the moment. It's like seeing the world through a festive spectrum of colors that match the mood and energy of the moment.

"TheRaveFather" Shares His Experiences:

Even "TheRaveFather" has become part of this culture, where he constantly seeks to experience as many raves as possible. For him, these are more than just events; it is a place where he feels at home, creates lifelong memories and forms strong bonds with new and former good friends. Through his journey on the dance floor, he has not only built experiences, but also a community that shares his passion for music and rave culture.

Spending on experiences rather than things is associated with greater immediate happiness, study finds

Coming Soon: "Frostbitt" - Next BASS RAVE Event

Hold your breath and mark your calendar! BASS RAVE presents its next adventure: "Frostbite." January 27 will be the bright spot of the winter half-year, and if you caught Bass & Time and Solbrent, you know what you're in for. Expect intense sound and light, raw DJs and a magical stage show.

Serzo , an upcoming star with over 500,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, will take the stage by storm with his rawphoric style. He has already conquered the audience and will play at one of the biggest hardstyle events next year, namely Reverze in Belgium, with over 20,000 people. Also on stage is Recharged , whose music is a nice mix between melodic and brutal. You can also experience both artists at Bass Rave!

Bass Rave will present a diverse soundscape, including trance, techno, drum and bass, and hardstyle. This won't just be a party; it will be a journey through the diversity of music, an experience that will seal memories for life.

Event details:

  • Organizer: BASS RAVE
  • Location: BARE student house, Kristiansand
  • Date: 27 January 2024
  • Doors open: 18:00 to 02:00
  • Age limit: 18

Secure your tickets now!

So the next time you plan an unforgettable experience on the dance floor!

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